While the doors haven't opened, I have created a roadmap to get you on the way.

You see, lately I often hear "I wish there was a step-by-step manual on organizing my business!" or "Isn't there SOMEONE who can just give me a guideline on what to do when in my business?".

I created a roadmap that shows you EXACTLY what you need to do while you grow your business, make it thrive and give you the freedom you want.

How is your day going? Was it another day in which you felt like there must be

  • an easier way
  • a less time-consuming way
  • that you reinvented a new way - again -

to do this thing? Like onboarding clients or your social media visibility efforts?

Or where you did it all yourself, though you have a VA - but what the heck should you give to her?

Are you reaching your goals or do you wiggle your way through the 24 hours in a day and at the end of it, the ToDo-List - though you worked aaaalllll day - somehow managed to grow instead of shrink?

Are you ready to make some changes in your day-to-day life? In your business?

So you can reach your goals and

  • make more sales?
  • have a wider impact?
  • enjoy the freedom you desire?

Well, then sign up for your first step on creating that kind of business - your roadmap to a streamlined business.

What Others Say:

Anuschka is not only highly professional and a whizz at systems and processes, she’s also a fun person to work with who takes the time to explain why certain things will work for your business and how to incorporate them seamlessly into your daily actions.

Keeping a detailed working day journal for two weeks was a total eye opener! It instantly made me see how reactive I was to social media notifications and where I was wasting hours every week.

So not only did Anuschka help me to see how I could tighten up my productivity, she also showed me some scheduling tools/apps to enable me to make even better use of my time.

Since working with Anuschka, I have set up a schedule and daily planner so that I dedicate specific hours to admin, bookkeeping and business development each week so I can achieve my big financial and visibility goals with ease.

I recommend Anuschka’s skills and knowledge to anyone who wants to create more time in their business (don’t we all?), improve productivity and tighten up efficiency so you can have the impact in the world you desire - and make a difference to your bottom line.

Lorraine Pannetier Copywriter and content creator for heart-centred entrepreneurs The Soulful Word

Oh my word! I just want to rave about how wonderful Anuschka Ollnow is! She's an answer from the Universe just when I was feeling so low with struggling to get my online business working.

I'm now in a make or break place and "break" is just not an option!!

The day before she got in touch I stood on top of our mountain at our 'sacred tree' and asked (actually I shouted - in not such a polite way!) for a sign and some support from the Universe.
Anuschka reached out to me and we spoke this morning. Just in one conversation she has helped me create 3 focused things to do to start turning my situation around. I feel a sense of clarity and direction again - PHEW!

We talked about automation, webinars, short Facebook videos and landing pages.

I knew about all this stuff as separate entities, but I DIDN'T KNOW how to PUT IT ALL TOGETHER to make it work for me.

Now I'm on a path to making that happen. What a relief. Thank you sooooo much Anuschka. ... <3 😀

Sally Peterson-Love Natural Nutritionist, Soul Wisdom Coach and Life Coach Crapfree Goddess

I spent an hour with Anuschka going over my systems - and when I say systems, we are talking about my way of organizing my content, my posting, because I am trying to keep track of those things, just not really as consistently, as I would like to 😉

In comes Anuschka, and with her knowledge and experience, she was able to give me some valuable tips on how to do it a little better, a little less awkward and most of all, more time saving 🙂

Now I am well on my way to finish my content planning for the next three months, so I can have that time freed up to focus on really engaging with my audience and help and promote my services.

And she didn´t stop there - for a whole week after our conversation, she checked in with me, to make sure, I am implementing, what we spoke about, and if I needed more help!

Take advantage of what she has to offer 🙂

Thanks again, Anuschka!

Nicola Grewatsch Torres Coach Nitu